Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, My Edward!

For those of you who are not Twi-hards and who would not know, the phrase OME has long dominated the Twilight fan sites as an appropriate substitution for OMG.  Yes, feel fee to roll your eyes (I do.) Though Breaking Dawn managed to permanently quell my obsession, far be it from me to pass up the opportunity to post, now that Summit has released the film.

Yes, I stayed up until midnight with other fans to be one of the first to get my hands on Breaking Dawn, but I did not do the same for the movie.  I do have plans to see it soon, but this time, I can wait. This decision has nothing to do with that wet blanket, that rain on my pseudo-teenage thrill parade,  Breaking Dawn; it has much more to do with my own innate nerdiness.

As is true of nerdom, I usually prefer books to movies.  And, what red-blooded female can deny that the interest fueled by the Twilight series is generated by none other than superlover Edward Cullen? Edward, as a character, manages to be the every(dream)man to everywoman.  So how did Stephenie Meyer manage to create a character that women of all ages and from all walks of life find so finger-lickin' good? (Thus begins my doctoral dissertation)

I'm going to start out by setting aside the obvious Edward assets: the hair, the wealth, the six-pack, the hot taste in cars, the great clothes.  (At this point, I could be describing Jack-the-Ripper and I'd already be in love.)  But no, the character of Edward does not stop there. Part of what really hooks the womenfolk are his deeper qualities (guys, take note).  Edward always makes Bella feel beautiful, even if she's wearing holey sweats and has spinach lodged in her front teeth.  He always places Bella's well-being at the top of his priorities.  He would never forget Bella's birthday.  He is chivalrous, traditional, and respectful.  He is intellectual and talented.  He has smooth lines, smoother moves, and a crooked smile to boot. However,  I submit that even those traits are not the core of Edward Cullen's appeal.

What makes Edward truly irresistable (and where my problem with the movie lies) is found in what the readers do not know about him.  While developing the character of Edward, Meyer merely throws readers bits and pieces to hint at his past.  She leaves him just enough of a tabula rosa that readers can make of Edward Cullen, anything they want.  He is mysterious and just dangerous enough.  The beauty of reading a character like Edward is that the reader can assign to him any preference in music, any taste in clothes, any daring past she desires.  (My Edward was somrthiing of an unrequieted lover.)  In short, the reader can mold him into her custom lover (something we have been trying, with little headway, to do to our husbands for years.)

I do not want to suggest that Rob Pattinson was not a ideal actor to play Edward or that I would cast anyone else in his stead.  The difficulty is that he is mortal and, as such, has defined personality traits and physical qualities. The only analogy I can use to describe my hang up with Twilight in  movie form relates to Plato's Allegory of the Cave in which Plato describes the "form" and the "thing."  The "form" is god's perfect idea; the "thing" is mankind's removed, imperfect interpretation. In the case of Edward, Meyer has created the "form" and Rob Pattinson, I fear,  is the "thing."  (My apologies, Rob.)

And so, on that note, I can wait to see, but cannot completely resist, the movie.  I will save myself the throngs of teenage girls and the long wait in line until I have time to decide whether or not Rob Pattinson is my dream man.  I could have taught him in high school, so that's one strike right there (one I was able to overlook while reading Twilight.)  


Tova Darling said...

I'm afraid to see the movie (even though I love the books) because I already know that no one will ever portray a vampire as sexily as Brad Pitt did in "Interview with the Vampire." After that movie, all other movie vampires will be slightly less sexy, so I owe it to Edward Cullen not to watch the movie and compare Rob to Brad. :)

(Who am I kidding? I'll probably see it anyway.)

mim said...

Lookin' forward to it sis.

Crista said...

My Husband and I. Along with my two sisters went and saw the movie last night at 12:00 AM.
I wanted to smack every single person that was screaming in the movie theatre.

Dawn said...

I totally get what you are saying! You have such a way with words. I may need my husband to read this! LOL

I did see the movie last night. I did like it. Did it meet my expectatiions? No. There is no way that it could have.

But, the fun part of seeing it on opening night was the sheer energy and excitement. I mean, I just looked at all those people, mainly females, and thought that it was so cool that probably 98% of them had read all the books. It has sparked a love for reading in these kids and adults.

Since I plan on seeing it again I didn't mind all the whooping, hollering and aweees throughout the movie. I even found myself clapping at one point! LOL Of course, it was when Edward made his first appearance at the school.

I'm not sure how much someone who has not read the book would like the movie.

I'm sure the budget for the next movie will be much bigger and therefore will be a better quality movie.

I can't wait for the next one!!!

Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do next! LOL

Tom said...


I saw the movie last night, and I really liked it. I had several questions remaining that I knew would have been answered in the book, so Keriann helped me fill in the blanks. It almost got me interested enough to read the books, but I think I have too much emotion invested in making fun of the craze. Also, I don't think there are any female characters that are very exciting for guys (although Alice was a little hot).

Maybe it would have been impossible to have a really appealing male and female character in the same story, because Bella had to be someone that women could relate to in order for Edward to be so attractive.


A said...

Marie, I totally understand, but having a 15 year old I was one of the lucky to see Twilight at midnight. The mortal playing an immortal, well you just have to suspend your disbelief and the idea that you could have taught Edward in high school. Look at it from a 15 year old's point of view. Maybe I am just immature, because I loved the adaptation of the book. It's not going to win an oscar, but it made me wish I knew a vampire.

Marie said...

In all fairness, I should out with the fact that I saw the movie at a matinee the day after it was released and I liked it! (I succumbed to peer pressure). It was not as good as the book, of course, and Rob Pattinson couldn't hold a candle to "my" Edward, but I enjoyed it and, will eventually have to add it to my collection.

I was sad that that the meadow scene was altered, but I am really looking forward to New Moon. How 'bout that Taylor Lautner?

Miriam, I am still planning on seeing it with you. There's so much to discuss!

mim said...

I secretly saw it too, but didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'll still see it with you if you want to.
I liked it. I laughed more than oooing and aaahing, and I think I annoyed some of the teenagers with the things I laughed at, but it was delightfully funny.

whoissecretdubai said...
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The Smiths said...

Marie, how did I miss this post before. You are so entertaining. :)